Now, you can create your own Banana Legion sunglasses chain, by just filling the form below! We will go through your request and come up with a new design customised by you, for you! If you request for a color or a combination that for any reason can’t be made (almost zero chances), be sure we are going to suggest another color or combination, always matching your unique taste and your initial proposal.

Please note, that creating a customized design can take a little longer than purchasing a standard one, but trust us it’s worth waiting!

*It’s a good idea to check your spam folder also, if you don’t receive our answer within a day.


Please complete the form below and we will reach out with details, very soon!

Name *
Colors *
This will be the primary color of your chain. It can either be the whole chain's color, or in case of a combination the middle part of it (see "Elli", "Olivia" or "Gwen" chain for example).
In case you go for a color combination, choose the secondary color from this menu. The secondary color is usually the one on the sides and its links are smaller than the primary color's.
Silicone Strap Connectors *
Use this space to add special instructions or personalization details, if applicable.